What is Personal Brand Photography and Why is it Important?

What is Personal Brand Photography?

Personal Brand photography is a selection of curated photographs that, when captured, speak to your ideal client. These images represent your company visually and tell the story of your team, process, services, and mood to potential clients.

In the past, small businesses only saw brand visuals as headshots and product shots. Brand photography has evolved as companies understand the benefits of story-telling through personal brand visuals, primarily via social media and the web.

Why is Personal Brand Photography Important?

"60.8% of marketers think that visuals are an important part of marketingand thus branding. People will retain 65% of the information they learn three days after seeing it when paired with an image. Blog posts will get 2x more social media shares than posts with fewer images."

Imagery is crucial to being remembered. Working with a professional brand photographer who understands marketing metrics helps you to stand out. For example, "colour also improves brand recognition by up to 80%." Therefore, working with a professional who keeps your brand visuals consistent will help your clients to recognize you better and build deeper relationships over time.

Brand Trust is also critical..."Important to note about the study findings is the fact that brand communication has a stronger effects on brand image than on brand trust. However, brand image strongly influences brand trust. Notably too, the relationship between brand trust and brand loyalty is robust. This finding indicates that brand communication can have a strong influence on brand trust and brand loyalty via brand image."

This study referenced below shows that through consistent, quality imagery, not only will you build brand trust, but you will also build brand loyalty. The bottom line is; the more you tell your brand story visually, the more potential clients feel they can trust you, and once that trust is built, clients become loyal supporters.

Where do I start?

A great starting point is understanding who you are trying to attract. Is your ideal client babies, moms, or professional women? These are entirely different demographics with very different problems and ways of viewing the world that a business can solve. Once you understand your ideal customer, then you should also understand how you can uniquely solve their problem. Other great things to know are what is the mood of my brand? Is it serious, fun, or laid back? What are my brand colours, and what is our story? (Why do we do what we do?). Once you know who you are talking to and why it is an excellent time to reach out to a brand photographer who can help you create compelling visuals to speak to your potential audience.

Are you measuring success?

The main thing to remember is consistency is vital in building trust and relationships. You can use social metrics to test engagement with your audience. Has it improved since implementing your visual strategy? You can also use Google Analytics to test what you've implemented on the web. Other unique tools like Microsoft Clarity help you view how customers browse your site. That way, you can use analytics to improve your visual brand strategy by seeing what works and doesn't.

The bottom line:

In today's world, if you don't have a visual brand strategy, your customers are less likely to have places to connect with you and build trust.  

Study quoted above: https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/AJEMS-03-2013-0031/full/html?af=R

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