How do I prepare for a Personal Brand Photography Session?

Preparing for a brand session isn't as complicated as you might think. However, it does require some homework. Especially when you want to showcase your personal brand visuals in a compelling way to attract the right client. You first need to identify who you are talking to. It's important to create an ideal client profile as it will help you speak to that client directly. You should also know your brand colours and mood. Is your brand fun or serious, casual or professional?

What are the key benefits to working with you? How do you solve a problem for a client. Are you super organized, so, your clients don't have to be? Are you laid back and easy to work with? What might your clients have in common with you to help build rapport before meeting?

These are all things I identify with my clients prior to capturing personal brand imagery as it helps to create compelling images that convert browsers into buyers.

Here are some images I recently captured for a personal brand session. The client was looking to showcase her easy going nature, her quiet confidence and her love of reading. Your brand session might be very different because you are looking to attract something very different. It's definitely important to assess who you are trying to attract, so,  together we create images your clients will love.



Gina Ayanna

Brand Studio (Where Photography meets Strategy)
I help Therapists, Coaches, and Realtors craft compelling visual narratives by blending strategy with their unique story. When I'm not working on brand strategy, you'll usually find me in my garden, reading a book, or outdoors with my girls.