What is a beauty portrait session?

There is a kind of magic in a photograph.  It allows you to see yourself through the eyes of another.  Especially as mothers, wives, sisters, friends etc. When we are so focused on our own routine, focused on making sure everyone is alright, we often forget about ourselves.

I believe beauty portraits allow women to see themselves as beautiful, as deserving, as enough.  Because we all want to be seen, be heard and know that we matter.

One thing I’ve learned is that we all have our own distinct beauty, we just have to create moments to acknowledge and celebrate it.  The most important person that we often forget to celebrate is ourselves. I know this because I’m a woman and a mother and I’m often the last on my list.  That is why I created an experience that I found was missing, one that I hope clients won’t soon forget.  

This session was all the things I mentioned above and when the client saw herself she couldn’t help but tear up.

The makeup artist from this session is Thiso Makeup


Gina Ayanna