Successful Landing Brand Session

Meet Gaelle.  Gaelle is a transformative career coach who has spent 10+ years in HR. Gaelle primarily works with international clients who have the credentials but are facing the transition of moving to a new country. Gaelle has been successfully coaching clients but admits she's now embracing the idea of putting herself out there and scaling her business. A few of my recent brand session bookings have been women running successful businesses but are now embracing the benefits of social marketing. My last booking said "Everyone Googles you now, and they can't find me; I've established so much trust in my work, and having a social presence helps to solidify that trust." I definitely agree.

In this brand session we focused on Gaelle international client base by including props such as a globe as well as the idea of landing in a new country and thriving, which is reflected in the suitcase imagery. We also wanted to showcase Gaelle's approachable nature and capture some lifestyle brand imagery to really round out this brand session.

I believe your brand photographer should know your objective for the session, posing, light and make you feel relaxed and at ease.

That way when you see your final images they truly reflect you and your goals.