Product Photography with Botany Floral Studio

I have been experimenting with doing more product photography and when I had the opportunity to shoot for Botany Floral Studio, I jumped at the chance because I love florals and this literally did not feel like work.    More and more small businesses are understanding the importance of investing in quality images that show their products in its best light. Professionally done images help you to stand out in an increasingly visual world and increase customer engagement, especially when accompanied by compelling copy.  Below are just a few ways professional images can improve your marketing efforts.


Professional images help to hone your brand and tell a very consistent and professional story.  You may be tempted to take the photos yourself, however, if your photos look low quality and are poorly lit; that is the impression that you are branding to potential clients.  Social Media marketing is a key part of most small business strategies and professional images help your brand to make a statement and stand out in a sea of images.

Telling your business story

Professional images can help to tell your story and get your clients invested in you and your business.  Stock photos are great tools but they are also very generic and don’t allow what you personally bring to the table to shine through.  The best way to engage and get future customers to love your business is by telling the story of your business, your venue and your team. The best way to do that is with professional photographs and good copy.


Professional images can be reused multiple times in marketing ads, on your website, social media and blogging.  Making your investment one that continues to pay off over time.  It also ensures that your message stays consistent, clear and recognizable.

Here are some images we recently shot for Botany Studio.  Their main goal is to let the product speak for itself, so we created beautiful images with a crisp and  consistent feel.


Gina Ayanna