DIY Visual Branding

A friend of mine called me up and asked for some tips on DIY visual branding. In other words; some tips on taking better images, that would reflect her brand.

A light bulb went off after our conversation,  I could share some tips for the everyday person looking to take better images for the web or social media.

The key thing I told her is that you must understand your brand. What is the look, feel,  and colours that represent your business? Is it a dark aesthetic or light? Is it fun or serious? Emotional or business-like? You get the idea. The next step is to start gathering items that reflect you and your brand and play with layouts until you start to develop your own voice.

For example, my brand is bright, feminine, emotional, and empowering.  If you would like a more in-depth resource on branding that can take your brand from DIY to professional.  I highly recommend reading Branding in 5 and a half steps, by Michael Johnson.

Let me know if these tips helped in the comments and if you have any questions that I can answer in a future post.


Gina Ayanna